Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Word for the Day


(lee’ bro)



There is no better book than the Bible.  Thank you, God, for your written word.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Please keep me in your prayers today as I minister in Pastor Oscar Torres’ church.  Pray especially that the Spanish will flow under the anointing of the Holy Spirit as I talk.  They are celebrating the anniversary of the church and have invited many people who don’t normally attend church so it is an excellent time to present the gospel message.  Please pray that everyone will be open to the move of the Holy Spirit this afternoon and that those who are not saved will accept the invitation.

May God bless you,


Word for the Day


(dee boo’ hoe)



Sketch or Drawing

(This is my favorite sketch I have done in Peru.)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Medical Team and CEB

Please continue to pray for Mariesa as she ministers through the medical clinic this week also.  Some of the clinic locations are more than an hour outside of town so there is a lot of travel involved.  They are putting in some very long hours and she is exhausted but happy for the new souls in God’s kingdom.  It has been very rewarding for her, though tiring.


On Monday we finished the class on Daniel at CEB.  It was exciting but we could have used another week or two to cover all the material.  Pray for the class which starts tonight.  We will begin the book of Hebrews.


Thanks to a donation, we are finally getting tables for the students.  Praise God!!!!

Bless you,


Word for the Day


(how’ lah)



(Not to be confused with “aula” which means classroom, although some students would say they are the same thing.)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Word for the Day


(a bahn hay lees’ moh)



Even shoe shine boys need to hear the Gospel Message.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ministering with MMI and CEB

Yesterday we had a wonderful time ministering with the group from MMI (Medical Ministries International).  There were about 70 people in attendance.  We ate together and had a chapel service.  I spoke and I believe God touched some hearts.  Some of them will go back to the U.S. and their lives will not be the same.  Mariesa is also working in a clinic this week in a very poor area on the outside of town so please keep her in your prayers.  She not only has the opportunity to use her nursing skills but also has a captive audience to which she preaches.  She is seeing souls saved each day at the clinics.


Tonight we finish the class on Daniel at CEB (Centro de Entrenamiento Internacional). Please pray for the students as they take the exam.  We have some exciting things coming up at CEB.  Darrell will be teaching his first real class as soon as we can get his class translated and find someone to interpret as he teaches.  Deysi and Franz Caprilles will b e coming from Rurrenabaque, Bolivia to teach a class as a visiting professor.  Please pray for them.  Deysi and Franz’s trip has been delayed because of the continued blocks and riots along the Peru-Bolivia border.  They may have to travel down to Chili to get here but that adds about 6 extra hours to her trip and it costs a lot more.  If anyone wants to help them with the travel expenses, please let us know right away.  Pastor Ronnie Mask and Pastor Charles Dean will also be teaching classes soon.  They are local missionaries and great friends as well as teachers.

There are so many opportunities to share the gospel here.  Please pray for us as we continue the Lord’s work in Peru.


Word for the Day


(low’ row)



My parrot “Piggy” thinks I am his mother.  Although he is a pocket parrot, he thinks he is a watchdog.  He has to let us know every time someone enters or leaves.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Word for the Day


(pah yah’ sow)



(It’s the one on the left, by the way.  [Usually])

Friday, June 17, 2011

Word for the Day


(bees’ tah)



We have a fantastic view of Misty Volcano from our balcony.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bolivia Team

For the last 5 days we have hosted a team from Rhema Bible School in Cochabaamba, Bolivia.  Thank you Pastors David and Violeta Larsson for sending this team!  They have been a real pleasure.  It was great seeing some of our old friends from Cochabamba after more than 2 1/2 years away from Bolivia.  Please pray for the Bolivia team as they travel back to Bolivia.  They are visiting Cusco today and then head back to Bolivia soon.  They planned to travel by bus but have had to change their plans because of border closings due to protests and riots.  Buses are being overturned and burned at the border between Peru and Bolivia.  So the team will fly from Cusco to La Paz.  Their only other choice is to travel by bus to the south of Peru and cross the border in Chili and then travel up to La Paz.  That trip would be over 36 hours or riding.  We are already planning their trip next year.



Word for the Day


(ahn far mayor’ ah)



Mariesa is working for two weeks every day with MMI  in a clinic.  She is seeing people not only helped medically but saved every day.  One day alone saw more than 40 people accept Christ as their Savior. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Word for the Day


(rrrow sah)




I just wanted to remind everyone that we now have a new address for receiving donations.  Please do not mail donations to Missionary Ventures, because they will be returned to you.  Instead, send all donations to:

New Heart Ministries

P.O. Box 2940

Winter Haven, FL 33883

Thank you and bless you for all your financial support.


June Pastor’s Meeting

Thank you for praying for the pastors of Arequipa. They need your prayers. They face persecution for their beliefs every day. After talking with some of the pastors individually, I realize that the majority of them are going through very trying times now and many of them seem to be a little disheartened and their faith is starting to lag a bit. Although the group was small, we had a wonderful Pastor’s Meeting this month.62-008  









Now I understand why the Holy Spirit very clearly told me to share about faith in difficult circumstances and trying times.  I want to share one true story I also shared with the pastors and I pray that it will bless you and encourage you in your faith walk with God.

Wallamo Faith Story

In 1928 the Sudan Interior Mission sent the first missionaries to the Wallamo tribe of Ethiopia. They faced a difficult task, for the Wallamos were Satan worshipers. On the first day of the year the tribe performed a ceremony resembling the Old Testament Passover but that was, in reality, a sacrifice to the devil. A bull was sacrificed, its blood was smeared on the doorposts of each house, and a drop of blood was placed on each family member. The ceremony ended with the head of the household on his knees praying to Satan. Then everyone ate raw meat. Wealthy Wallamos were slave owners. If a slave owner decided his slaves had had enough children, he would have all further babies born to them buried alive.

By 1930 the Ethiopian government was attempting to stop the infanticide and slavery among the Wallamos. In 1935 Emperor Haile Selassie I was in the process of trying to modernize his nation when Italian troops under Mussolini invaded. Italian troops had attacked once before in 1896, but that time Ethiopia had overpowered them. That humiliating defeat marked the first time in history that an African nation had defeated a European invader. Now Mussolini was determined to avenge that defeat. This time the Ethiopians were no match for the well-equipped Italian army. They fought courageously, but in May 1936 the capital of Addis Ababa fell. The Italian army advanced into the tribal areas, demanding that the missionaries leave. On April 16,1937, the day before the missionaries to the Wallamo left, they shared the Lord’s Supper with the believers. When the missionaries had first arrived, there were no believers in the tribe. Now, nine years later, there were forty-eight. The next day Italian army trucks took the twenty-six missionaries and their children to Addis Ababa for evacuation. As the trucks pulled away, the missionaries wondered if they would ever be able to return and what they would find if they did. With the missionaries gone, the Italians tried to stamp out the fledgling church. Many church leaders were given one hundred lashes, and one was given four hundred. After the lashings they could not lie on their backs for months, and three died. Toro, a leader in the Wallamo church, was able to stay in hiding for six months before he was finally captured. He was given forty lashes. Then an Italian officer wearing hobnailed boots jumped up and down on his chest, nearly crushing his rib cage. Later as he lay immobile in his prison cell, he saw a vision of Jesus,, who said to him, “Do not be afraid, You are my child.” After a slow recovery, Toro was released from prison, only to be arrested again when he resumed preaching. This time he and other church leaders were taken to the marketplace, stripped naked, and each given more that one hundred lashes. Back in jail, Toro’s Italian captors taunted him saying, “Where is your God who can deliver you from us? You’ll never get out of here alive.” Hardly able to speak, Toro whispered that God could deliver him “if he chooses-and if not, he has promised to

take me to heaven to be with him there.” Later, Toro and his fellow believers were praying when a fierce thunderstorm descended upon the prison, the gale-force winds literally blew the roof off. Torrents of water separated the mud walls from the foundation. Most of the non-Christian prisoners escaped. The frightened jailers were convinced the storm had come in answer to the prisoners’ prayers. “Ask your

God to withhold his anger, “ they begged Toro, “and we will release you.” They kept their word and released him. Finally on July 4, 1943, the missionaries were able to return to the Wallamo. During the six years that they were gone, the forty-eight believers had multiplied to eighteen thousand.

May God bless you as you walk in faith this week.  If you would like to help support this pastor’s monthly meeting, please contact us right away.  We are hoping to advertise the meetings so that more pastors can know about them, but that takes money so we need your help.  Thank you!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Word for the Day


(es spo' sah)



Mi esposa, Mariesa.

(By the way, in case you didn’t know, esposa is the same word used for handcuffs.)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Word for the Day


(ray you knee own)



We have a monthly meeting for pastors in Arequipa.

Please pray this Monday, June 13th, as I deliver the message at our regular monthly meeting for pastors.  New Heart Ministries along with Alexander Ministries and Charles Dean Ministries is sponsoring this monthly meeting to benefit all the pastors of Arequipa.  We are making a difference through this activity and you can become a part of this through your financial support.  Just contact us if you want to make a monthly donation to support these meetings.  For the price of one meal at McDonald’s you can help a pastor receive a breakfast, fellowship, worship time, prayer time together, a teaching message and the encouragement that is desperately needed.


Bless you!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Word for the Day



(tore rrrray)



MMI Meeting

Yesterday we went to our MMI meeting (Medical Ministries International).  We made plans for a medical team which arrives this month.  Mariesa will be coordinating a group for MMI and I will bring students to pray for the patients and preach to them while they wait to be seen by the medical staff.  This will be an excellent opportunity for the students to get more experience sharing their personal testimonies and leading people to the Lord.

I also shared a message with the MMI staff.  They are always so receptive to what God has to teach them and it is such a pleasure to be a part of their work.  Once again I preached without a translator.  I do still make some mistakes but overall I am doing well enough that they keep telling me they understand everything.  This is simply due to the grace of God.  Thank you Lord!  I remember when I couldn’t even say “hola” correctly.


Lew and Mariesa with some of the MMI staff after our meeting.

Please also stand in prayer with me on something.  Deysi Caprilles from Bolivia is supposed to be here to teach a class in the Bible institute but she was unable to travel because of political unrest and roadblocks on the border between Bolivia and Peru.  Now that the elections are over, she may be able to travel.  Please pray that she can come soon without any problems.  If anyone would like to help support this trip financially, please let us know.  $100 should cover the travel expenses.

Once again thank you all so much for your support and your prayers.

In Christ’s wonderful name,


Monday, June 6, 2011

Prayer Request

Please pray as we go to minister this morning to the MMI group.  I will be delivering the message.

Bless you,


Word for the Day



(ah bwe la)




Sunday, June 5, 2011

Word of the Day



(cah bah yo)




The redhead on top is our granddaughter Rachel who is visiting us in Peru.