Tuesday, November 29, 2011

To Catch You Up

It has been almost a month since we have written on this BlogSpot.  Please forgive us for the tardiness but life is a bit hectic while we are travelling in the U.S. and internet service is not readily available in most places we stay.  We returned to Peru Saturday night and were greeted at the airport by a group of our friends and some children from the orphanage.  Wow did they ever make us feel missed and welcome back!

We couldn’t immediately let people know that we had returned safely because we didn’t have internet service at the house.  We spent all day Sunday unpacking and trying to recuperate from the travel.  The trip seems to be further each year and the airplane seats smaller and harder.  We finally managed to get someone to the house on Monday to repair the internet so you can once again reach us at lewandmariesadavis@yahoo.com or by telephone at 727-216-9617 (That number is a U.S. based Vonage number so it is not an international call)..  We’d love to hear from you.

What a wonderful time we had in the U.S. visiting family, churches and friends!  We didn’t get to see everyone because there just was not enough time.  That is one of the frustrating thing about our time back home every year.  If we didn’t get to visit with you personally, please forgive us and please understand that we would have liked to but just ran out of time.

We want to thank everyone who was so generous and loving.  You really made us feel welcome and loved.  We also want to thank everyone who has been so diligently praying for us.  Thank you for all the prayers for my father.  During our time in the U.S. we had to change our itinerary a few times when my father was in intensive care.  I spent about two weeks (24 hours a day) in the room with him the first time and 8 days the second time he was in intensive care.  Your prayers have made a difference.  He is home now and doing much better.  He is still having some hernia, heart and back problems that come with being 86 years old but he is able to get around now and is still taking care of his garden.  His biggest concerns now are the pain in his back and having to be on Coumadin (a blood thinner).  Please continue to keep him in your regular prayers.

Deysi and Franz Caprilles and their family will visit us in December.  They are the Bolivian couple who run the ministry in Rurrenabaque, Bolivia for us.  We are looking forward to their visit because we haven’t seen Franz in three years.  We also have a team arriving December 28th to help with the larger orphanage run by David Bolos.  For Christmas we always have all the children from the smaller orphanage come to our house.  That is our gift to each other.  Instead of exchanging gifts, Mariesa and I buy gifts for each of the children and workers in the orphanage.  They decorate our house, we sing, we eat a Christmas meal and we have fireworks and a birthday cake for Jesus.  In the morning we will cook pancakes and bacon for them.  This is a highlight of our year.  Since we can’t be with our children and grandchildren during the Christmas season, we spend the time with 25 other children.

God is so good!  We are expecting to see mighty miracles and many people won to the Lord this year.  We are praying for you and would love to hear your prayer concerns.  Contact us if you have specific needs we can lift up to the Lord.

Don’t forget to check out our web site at www.newheartint.org or www.newheart.com or www.newheart.info. We love you all and appreciate your love for missions.

May God bless you as we celebrate the birth of our Savior.

Lew Davis

Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall Festival

This week we have enjoyed our time in the Tallahassee area.  We are staying at our daughter and son-in-law’s house.  Kimberly and Steve are excellent hosts and we are loving our granddaughters Rachel and Rebecca.  We went to the Fall Festival at River of Life Church and had a great time.  I helped Kimberly with the face painting booth and Mariesa won a door prize.


Wednesday night I preached in Carrabelle Christian Center.  We also visited our good friends Garry and Gina Millender and Pastor Don and Lisa Carrolle.  We hope to host a team from Carrabelle in July.  If you are interested in joining this team, contact Pastor Don at Carrabelle Christian Center.

This week we will be attending Bible Believer’s Fellowship and River of Life Church.  Hopefully we will also visit lots of friends in the area, as time allows.

We miss all our friends in Peru and are praying for them.  Please keep us in your prayers.  May God bless you!