Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Important News

Dear Loved Ones,

This has been an incredible year. There have been more souls saved than ever before and we have been very busy in the Lord’s work. The first group of CEB Bible College students in Peru graduated this year. We helped build an orphanage that is now nearly ready to open. We travelled with students and teams to many pueblos and have taken evangelism, pastor training, medical, dental and optical teams all over southern Peru. You have made it all possible with your faithful support. Thank you so much for being our friends and a part of what God is doing in Peru.

As many of you know, we are now back in the U.S. for a while. We are continuing in missions but God has changed our location and focus so we want to share the vision God has recently given us. For now we will be based in the U.S. as long as it is God’s will. We are actually living in Crawfordville, near Tallahassee, Florida with our daughter and her family. Mariesa has accepted a position as charge nurse in the Health Center at Florida State University. We are sure that we are in God’s will so we are content to be here.

New Heart Ministries address has changed to:

New Heart Ministries, Inc.

P. O. 562

Lake Alfred, FL 33850

Please send all correspondence and donations to the new address starting October 1st. Our email address continues to be <davisinperu@yahoo.com> or <lewandmariesadavis@yahoo.com>.

With your donations and prayers we continue to support the following projects:

1. The ministry work in Bolivia at Rurrenabaque.

Deysi and Franz Capriles faithfully worked with us when we were in Bolivia and now they continue to run ‘The Center’ where we built the Bible College while we were there. They conduct various programs including a Bible College (graduated their first class last year), a Christian school, a daily after school program, a weekly youth program at night, couple counseling and parenting classes, and sewing and craft classes for single mothers. Praise the Lord! The school has done so well they were able this year to build a new building to expand the school to another grade level. They have now also taken in two orphans. Your help to New Heart Ministries makes it possible for this ministry to continue in Bolivia.

2. Support for the orphanage ‘Casa Hogar El Amor de Dios’ in Arequipa, Peru.

José and Gloria Ingalls run the orphanage in Pachacutec, Arequipa. They care for over 25 children who have come from some of the worse conditions imaginable. Your generosity has helped them build a second orphanage in Characato, Arequipa where they will be able to show the love of Jesus to more needy children. They are hoping to finish the building to the point that it can be occupied this year.

3. Support for the ministry of Pastor Guiliana Anchante in Peruarbo, Arequipa.

We have worked with Pastor Guiliana since we arrived in Perú and found her ministry to be an invaluable support to poor, indigenous people in the area. She has a thriving church, a weekly feeding program, a children’s program and is trying to start a kindergarten. Her church members also feed and

care for orphans in the neighborhood who have no place to live.

We are also going to be involved in some new projects:

1. Short-term teams

We are available to take short-term teams on mission trips. If you or your church are interested in a short-term mission trip, we would be glad to talk with you. We will help train the teams, make arrangements with established ministries on the field and even go with them. It is a life-changing, church-inspiring experience.

2. Bible College teaching

Lew has been invited to travel and help establish Bible Colleges as well as teach classes in other countries. Your support will also cover the travel expenses for these trips. Our first obligation is to the three ministries mentioned above. From time to time we will contact you about special opportunities to support in these areas.

3. Field Missionary Help

At times established missionaries need to return to the U.S. for some months of rest or business, but usually it is difficult because of their many obligations on the field. We will be available to assist by taking their place while they conduct their business in the U.S. At this time, we are praying for direction about an assignment in January-March, 2012. Please pray with us that we will be in God’s perfect will and the finances will come in for this project.

4. We also believe the Lord has brought us to the states to be recruiters for the foreign mission field.

If you are interested in becoming full-time foreign missionaries, please contact us.

We also wanted to share some more exciting news with you. Maisie Clemmer, the young lady who interned and lived with us has now relocated with her family to work full-time in Arequipa. They are carrying on the work with the same ministries we are working with. Maisie’s father, David, is not new to Peru because he has been there a number of times on short-term mission trips, even visiting Arequipa before. David’s wife, Cristina, is originally from Columbia and therefore speaks fluent Spanish. Through our constant communication with them, we have learned they are adjusting well to living and ministering in Arequipa. Please keep them in your prayers.

We pray that God is blessing you. May you continue to serve Him and love Him with all your heart. Please contact us if you have any questions.

In Jesus’ great love,

Lew and Mariesa