Monday, August 29, 2011

From the Heart

How wonderful is our God! We have seen some mighty miracles this year but the greatest miracles are the souls saved. Let me tell you about just one example. As some of you already know, we were kidnapped, beaten and robbed of all our possessions and even our bank account was emptied about two months ago. Our 16 year old granddaughter was with us in Peru during the kidnapping. We were all hit with fists but Lew was also beaten with a crowbar more than 20 times on his legs which resulted in infections which took two months to heal. We first could not imagine why God would allow us to go through something so traumatic. About five weeks later we saw God make something good out of what Satan meant for evil. A youth team was scheduled to visit us for ministry in Arequipa and the pastor decided to hire a local bodyguard to accompany the team everywhere while they were in Peru. After watching the team perform dramas and witness all day in the plazas and listening to teaching in the evening, Enzo, the security guard could hardly wait until the altar call at the end of the service. He was the first one to come forward to receive Christ as his Savior. Wow! What a difference we began to see in his countenance and after a week he hardly seemed like the same person. So God set a series of events in motion when we were kidnapped and gave us the opportunity to witness to a gang of 7 men and then see one man saved. Sure the event cost us but it was a price we were willing to pay. How much is a soul worth? I don’t know but it is sure worth anything we have to go through. After all, Jesus went through a lot more to pay for my soul.

Thank you so much for all your support this year and the many prayers. We believe we are still alive directly due to the prayers of people like you. We would love to hear from you. Visit us online at:

Friday, August 26, 2011

Word for the Day


(foot’ bowl)



Everyone loves and plays soccer in Peru.  They can’t understand why we call American Football “football” when we carry the ball in our hands more than we kick it.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Update from Florida

We had an uneventful trip back to the U.S. (after purchasing new tickets due to the closing of Peruvian Airlines in Arequipa) we have settled in at Rod and Cheryl’s apartment in Florida.  It is a perfect place to relax and catch your breath after a busy day.  It is cozy, quiet and comfortable and they have worked soooooo hard making it beautiful and livable.  We will be here at least two weeks and already it seems as if the whole time will be busy with appointments. Yesterday, we had three meetings and today promises to be just as busy.

We had rain yesterday and may have rain for a few more days due to the hurricane headed up the east coast.  Please pray that this hurricane will head out to open ocean because it promises to be dangerous if it hits land.

We miss all of our friends in Arequipa but it is so good to be with our loved ones and friends here in Florida.  We are looking forward to visiting as many as possible when we hit the road.  You can contact us by telephone here in the U.S. at 850-728-4761.

We also miss Darrell and Donnia who are holding down the fort in Arequipa.  Darrell is now teaching a class at CEB, Centro de Entrenamiento Biblico (Bible Training Center) on Foundations of Faith.  I know the students are enjoying this class and learning a lot from Darrell.  Thank you Darrell and Donnia.

May God bless you,

Lew and Mariesa

Friday, August 19, 2011

Word for the Day


(ah’ bee own)



We leave for the U.S. this evening.  We were supposed to fly on Peruvian Airlines but last night the government closed the airline due to poor mechanical maintenance.  They will be closed for 90 days.  We did manage to book another airline to Lima where we catch another flight to the U.S.  Please pray for our safety as we travel and also that we will get reimbursed for the lost flights.  We look forward to seeing our family and friends in the States.  God bless you all.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Word for the Day


(so bray co hey door’)




The Winter Haven Worship Center Youth Team has been absolutely incredible.

Monday, August 15, 2011

WHWC Team Update

What an amazing day!  The team went to Characato this morning to work at the new orphanage we are helping to build.  They were scheduled to work all morning and afternoon but because they worked so hard without stopping, they were finished by early afternoon and we returned to the mission house for showers and some well deserved rest finally.  They really have been going non-stop while they have been here so they needed the rest.  They painted, cleaned, and worked on garden fences.  They hauled a whole truck load of dirt and filled in the courtyard of the orphanage.  What a difference they made in the place.





Don’t you wish you could get them to work like this at home?

Although I have seen some amazing work from these kids this week, I saw the most incredible work on and in them tonight.  God showed up as they praised and worshiped for hours.  They have changed lives here and God is rewarding them by changing them also.  Get ready parents, some of your children are coming back different. They are the new improved version!!!

God bless you.

That’s what I call ministry!

What an amazing day of ministry the Winter Haven Worship Center Youth Team had yesterday!  They ministered in three different locations around town.  In the morning they went to Selva Alegra to hand out tracts door to door before the church service and then attended Calvary Temple Church.  They did an amazing performance, as usual, that touched the hearts of everyone there.  Brother Tim preached Amarilly interpreted.  Hearts were touched and lives were saved.  Wow!  Brother Tim really knows how to touch the heart of God and receive the perfect message for the people.



In the afternoon the team went to an area called Miraflores.  There they worked with another church.  Actually there were three different pastors involved in this event.  They performed in a sport’s arena and witnessed to people on the street.  Their performance touched many hearts.  Brother Danny’s personal testimony was just what many needed to hear.  He gave them hope that they too can change.  So many wanted to talk with him personally after the program.  Of course, praying with people to receive Christ was a highlight for the team.





In the evening the team attended a Quechua church in Cono Norte.  This is a very poor area and all the people in this area are descended from the Incas.  The church music and dance has a definite Quechua flavor.  The team once again delivered a dynamic program that brought tears to many eyes and made a great impact on the people.  Brother Tim was on fire as he delivered his message and the altar was full after the service.



You can’t imagine what a difference a team can make.  Lives are being changed for eternity!!!  We are so appreciative when we have a team like this.  What a heart for missions the youth have on this team!  God has done so much through them.  They are well prepared and they are serious about winning souls.

And they are not through yet!!!!!!

Thanks Winter Haven Worship Center!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Winter Haven Youth

We are now hosting the Winter Haven Youth Team from Winter Haven, Florida.  They are making an impact on the city of Arequipa.  They hit the ground running and were out ministering less than three hours after arriving.  They witnessed in a large Plaza and performed dramas as well as handed out tracts.  But the most exciting thing in the plaza was the souls saved as they prayed with individuals.

Yesterday they ministered in an orphanage and two different schools.  Today they are visiting a feeding center in a poor area to perform and spread the love of God by handing out tracts and visiting houses in the area.  Tomorrow they will really do a lot of manual labor at the new orphanage we are helping to build.

In between all these activities they have also attended classes at the Bible Institute where Cathy Bentley is teaching.

I can not tell you how much they have done and how wonderful they have been so far.  They are a credit to their parents and the church.  They are a strong witness for the Lord.  Thank you everyone who made it possible for this team to come!

I am including some pictures with this article but you can see more by going to my Facebook site.




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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekend Ministry in Camana

Last weekend Cathy Bentley, Sarai, Darrell, Donna and I went to minister in Camana.  We took with us two local pastors – Dionicio Mitacc and Jose Ingalls and a CEB student – Josua Arhuiri.  Camana is about 3 hours from Arequipa across the mountains and through the valleys .  It is situated on the Pacific Ocean.  This is my third trip to Camana.  On the last trip Darrel and I took a group of CEB students to do door to door evangelism outreach.  What a wonderful time of ministry we experienced then as well as this past weekend.

Meetings were held in an Assembly of God church and all the pastors in the area were invited to bring their congregations.  We also handed out tracts in the market area in the afternoon and on Saturday night we had about 250-300 in attendance.  God really moved through Cathy’s teaching and the altar was full with about 150 people who came forward to be saved or filled with the Holy Spirit.  What a joy it was as the Holy Spirit changed lives!

On Sunday morning we had two teaching sessions with Communion between the sessions.  In the evening I taught a lesson and Cathy followed with more teaching.  At the altar call, once again the altar was full with over 75 people crying out to the Lord.

The local pastors have begged us to return.  They are eager for more teaching.  They need to know more about the Holy Spirit and End Times.  One pastor wants us to help with a Bible School but the distance prevents us from being there on a regular basis.  We just need more workers in the fields which are ripe for the Harvest.  We do plan to return periodically and teach in Camana.  Please keep this city in your prayers.







Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day of Thanksgiving

Yesterday we attended the first nation-wide Day of Thanksgiving for Peru.  It was a special “by invitation only” event hosted by the Christian community of Arequipa.  This event was scheduled to coincide with the installation of the new president of Peru.  The main purpose was to pray for the nation of Peru, the city of Arequipa and the president and all government leaders.  It was wonderful seeing about 900 Christians together praying for their nation and its leaders.  Many local leaders attended the meeting and more than one made a first time commitment to the Lord.  The new president was invited to attend but sent a representative in his place.


Please pray that the president will get saved.  He is not a Christian and we are praying for his salvation.  His first act as president was to change the sentence of his brother.  His brother is a military officer who was convicted of brutally murdering national police officers.  He was to serve 25 years but now he can be released in 2 years.  Ollanta is already pushing to change the constitution as Evo Morales and Hugo Chavez did in Bolivia and Venezuela.  As you may know both are officially socialists nations by constitutional law. 

Word for the Day


(oh say’ ah no)



This picture was taken on a mission trip to Tacna just miles from the border of Chili.