Sunday, February 19, 2012

Giving the Gospel and Glasses

Thought you might enjoy some pictures of the Burnsville, NC team giving out reading glasses.  A pastor at one location told us that about 90% of those who came for the glasses were not saved.  Before we fitted them for the glasses, the pastor preached and Pastor David also had the chance to present the Gospel message.  As they were being fitted for their glasses, each person received a tract and they also read Bible verses as they tried out their new glasses.  It was a busy day but very rewarding.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

NC Team Arrives Safely

The team from Burnsville, North Carolina arrived safely yesterday.  They were delayed by customs in Lima and missed their flight but took a flight 2 hours later and arrived around noon without a problem.  Yesterday afternoon we visited the orphanage and loved on the kids for a while.  Then we went to the orphanage which is under construction.  There are about 5 or 6 construction projects from which they will choose to help.  Today we visit the feeding center and church in Peruarbo and a district in the hills named Selva Alegre to give out reading glasses.

Thank you for praying for this team.



Thursday, February 16, 2012

North Carolina Team Arrives

A team from Burnsville, North Carolina arrives tomorrow morning.  We are so excited about this team coming.  Not only are they great friends but they are so helpful.  This will be their third trip to Arequipa.  They are bringing 1,000 pairs of reading glasses to give away.  This is a tremendous help and so well received.  Many cannot read the Bible simply because they have no glasses.  We will travel to three different cities as well as Arequipa.  I have prepared over 3,000 tracts to use as we evangelize this week.  Please pray for the team as they travel and minister here in Peru.

In Christ,


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Flooding in Peru

We are now experiencing major flooding in Peru.  I am not sure how much news you get in the U.S. about the conditions in Per but at this time we are having more rain than we have seen since we have lived here.  The rain is not just in isolated areas but seems to cover most of the country.  Arequipa is also experiencing major problems.  This city like others in Peru is just not prepared for this much rain.  Since we have no rain for 10 months of the year, they do not build for rain.  Nearly every house has numerous leaks in the roof.  Those houses in the pueblos around the city usually have no foundations or so with this much rain many houses are washing away.  Many families have lost everything.  Most poor families have houses with dirt floors, so many have mud up to their knees.  Bridges have washed away and many roads also.  The infrastructure just is not sufficient for the runoff of so much rain.

The city water supply is in danger.  Major repairs are needed in the water supply catchments.  The city announced that the whole city would be without water for a couple of days (which probably means a week) so they can make repairs.  Many parts of town are already without water and electricity.  Thank God, we still have both.

Please be praying because we are expecting much more rain.  Every day we have to empty the rain from our roof and we have leaks in at least 6 places.  It has caused floors, walls and ceilings to warp and everything needs to be repainted.  But we are praising God that we are okay.  We are hearing reports of people washed away by the rain every day.

If you are interested in helping a family in need, please contact us right away at 727-216-9617.  This is not an international call.  You may also contact us at

Please keep us, the city of Arequipa and the country of Peru in your prayers.

Bless you for your concern and prayers,



The swollen Urubamba river passes through Aguas Calientes, at the foot of the Machu Picchu archeological site.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Three Days in Sambambaia

Last week we spent three days on a ranch in La Joya.  La Joya is a district about an hour and a half west of Arequipa.  We are the counselors/chaplains of MMI (Medical Ministries International) and they invited us to be a part of their yearly planning conference.  Mariesa and I spoke in 5 sessions and encouraged the members in their personal relationship with the Lord.  We did some private counseling sessions also.  It was our privilege to lead one member of the MMI team to the Lord.  It was so exciting to see someone we have known and worked with for about two years commit their life to the Lord for the first time.  We also got a lot of time to actually rest during the three days in Sambambaia.  Believe me, it was desperately needed because we have been so busy and a bit stressed.

The ride to Sambambaia is quite a trip across the mountains.  Actually, the ride is not only across the Andes but at places through the mountains.


There are some areas where is seems like you are on some strange planet in outer space.  I can’t imagine the moon or Mars being more desolate than what we passed through on the trip.



Then you arrive in La Joya and the terrain is totally different.  You can see the mountains and the desert in the background but La Joya is a fertile high plain in the Andes.  It is a big farming area.  The main products produced on these farms are cows, cactus, cochinella, tuna and Peruvian Paso horses.



The agricultural industry of La Joya also produces a large harvest of grapes as well as choclo (corn).  Potatoes, onions, carrots and various other vegetables are also grown in abundance.


The cactus produces a fruit called tuna which can be eaten as well as the leaves of the cactus.  But the main value of the cactus lies in the insects called cochinella.  This insect is mentioned in the Bible.  It has great value as a dye which is used to produce a deep red color in material as well as makeup for women.

I enjoyed some great walks in the countryside,  It was so relaxing to be out of the city for three days.  It was also very refreshing to be with our friends from MMI.  They had some great planning and learning sessions. 


Please pray for MMI.  They are a great mission organization and it is a privilege to work with them on medical missions.  If you are interested in being on a medical team or in bringing a medical team, please let us know and we will be glad to coordinate it for you.

God is sooooooo good and He is doing some exciting things here this year.  We would love for you to be a part of it.  Contact us or go to our website to find out how you can help.

727-216-9617  or or

May God’s love enfold you today,


A Roof for Peruarbo

Thanks to a generous donation from friends in Joplin, Missouri we were able to build a roof for a church in Peruarbo this month.  Pastor Guiliana Anchante and the congregation of “Jesus the Savior Church” in Peruarbo are so thankful for their roof.  It may not look like much from the viewpoint of someone in the U.S. but it is a great blessing to this small congregation high in the Andes Mountains.  Meeting in the open under the sun at an altitude of 8,200 feet can be a real challenge.  Even on the rare cloudy days one can get sunburned in only an hour without protection from the burning sun.

Guiliana’s church has a large percentage of children.  They receive food two days a week.  Our most recent team from Heaven Sent Ministries in Virginia cooked a nutritious meal and provided packaged food to last quite a while.  Guiliana's-Building-017


The two children in the foreground of this picture were from the family involved in the auto accident.  They have both now gone on to be with the Lord as a result of the accident.  The daughter is actually being buried today, so please pray for the family as they are still in mourning.  Also, please keep the whole congregation in your prayers because it has been very hard for them to understand.




Thank you for your faithfulness in supporting missions in Peru and also for your prayer support.  Your money can make a tremendous difference many times but your prayers can open the heavens and impact the lives of people like money could never do.  Please keep us in your prayers daily!

In Christ’s Service,


Monday, February 6, 2012

Pastor Meet This Morning

Please be in prayer for the Pastor’s Meeting this morning.  Many are going through hard times already this year.  One local pastor was arrested for molesting a child and his church was closed.  You also know about the family involved in the accident in Giuliani's church.  Their daughter passed away yesterday after a week on life support.  So this is the second child lost in this family due to the accident.  Please pray for this family as well as all the pastors of Arequipa.

I will be sharing in the meeting this morning about challenges they will face during the year. 

May God bless you,


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Prayer Request

Please pray for us as we travel this morning.  We will be going to La Joya for a three day conference.  Mariesa and I will be the guest speakers and will be speaking 5 times in the three days.  Please keep us in your prayers as we minister out of town.  We want to challenge the group to change more into the image of Jesus as they serve Him in love.

In Christ’s great love,