Monday, September 19, 2011

To Catch You Up

I’m so sorry that it has been a while since I gave you an update on our travels.  I have been so busy and out of pocket.  My father was taken to the hospital and had emergency surgery 9 days ago.  I spent the first 8 days with him day and night sleeping in the chair in his room in SICU.  He had a very dangerous aneurysm that could have ruptured at any moment.  He has also had complications from the surgery.  Just today he was moved out of ICU. Please keep him and my mother in your prayers.

Mariesa and I left Florida Friday to come to North Carolina where we spoke at Joy Outreach Church in Pisgah Forest.  Next Sunday we speak at Faith Fellowship Church in Burnsville, North Carolina.  Please keep us in your prayers as we travel.  This week we will replace the power steering pump in our car but God is good and has provided the money as well as an honest Christian mechanic to do the work.

We thought we would would be getting a little chance to relax a few days but that has not happened yet.  We have been enjoying wonderful fellowship with so many friends each day since we have been back.

We are praying for all of you and covet your prayers.  Feel free to call us as we travel at 850-728-4761.

Bless you, Lew

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