Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Iron Mountain

We have been so busy and travelling so much that it has been really hard to keep in touch with everyone.  Please understand that we love you and are thinking of all of you.  Right now we are in Mina, Arkansas in their library.  We just stopped in to try and catch up on a bit of correspondence.  We will be here most of this week but by the weekend we will be in Joplin, Missouri.  We are in Arkansas for a CMA Meeting (Christian Motorcyclist Association).  Some of you may remember that CMA donated three motorcycles and 13 bicycles through us in Arequipa.  What a blessing CMA is to missionaries!

We had a wonderful time in Mansfield, Louisiana last week.  We spoke at 3 churches and attended a Senior group, a local CMA chapter meeting and an old fashioned church sing.  We have met some wonderful people in Louisiana including a pastor and his wife who are Latinos.  So we got to practice our Spanish with them.  We are looking forward to their church visiting us in Peru.  While in Louisiana, we had to get our car repaired again but God is so good and He provided the means and we had a place to stay provided by Southside Baptist Church in Mansfield while we were there.

They have had drought conditions in Louisiana and Arkansas for about three years.  Everything has been so dry but yesterday there was a good rain and this morning it was almost cold.  Please join us in praying for this area to have a lot more rain.

Now, I want to brag a little about my oldest daughter, Laralyn, and her husband, Joseph.  Their band “The Blessed Blend” won a NAMMY Award this year!  The NAMMY Award is the Native American equivalent to the GRAMMY Awards.  We are proud of them.  You can check out their music at www.theblessedblend.com or you can go to our website and follow the link.  Also check our their business at www.nativetouchtradingpost.com.

Even though we are busy and working hard while we are in the U.S., we do get a day now and then to relax when we don’t have to drive or speak.  God is good and He is renewing our strength and refreshing us through the friends and family that we visit. We miss all our friends in Peru and are continuing to pray for them.

If anyone would like to contact us here in the U.S. we can be reached at 850-728-4761 as long as we have cell phone coverage.

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May God bless each of you.  Please keep us in your prayers!


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