Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Roof for Peruarbo

Thanks to a generous donation from friends in Joplin, Missouri we were able to build a roof for a church in Peruarbo this month.  Pastor Guiliana Anchante and the congregation of “Jesus the Savior Church” in Peruarbo are so thankful for their roof.  It may not look like much from the viewpoint of someone in the U.S. but it is a great blessing to this small congregation high in the Andes Mountains.  Meeting in the open under the sun at an altitude of 8,200 feet can be a real challenge.  Even on the rare cloudy days one can get sunburned in only an hour without protection from the burning sun.

Guiliana’s church has a large percentage of children.  They receive food two days a week.  Our most recent team from Heaven Sent Ministries in Virginia cooked a nutritious meal and provided packaged food to last quite a while.  Guiliana's-Building-017


The two children in the foreground of this picture were from the family involved in the auto accident.  They have both now gone on to be with the Lord as a result of the accident.  The daughter is actually being buried today, so please pray for the family as they are still in mourning.  Also, please keep the whole congregation in your prayers because it has been very hard for them to understand.




Thank you for your faithfulness in supporting missions in Peru and also for your prayer support.  Your money can make a tremendous difference many times but your prayers can open the heavens and impact the lives of people like money could never do.  Please keep us in your prayers daily!

In Christ’s Service,


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