Friday, July 22, 2011

Empty Nest Syndrome

This morning was a bit sad for us here at the mission house.  Almost everyone left this morning.  Deysi Caprilles from Bolivia left on the bus.  She faces a trip of over 30 hours.  One of the roads (Stremnaya) is called the “World’s Most Dangerous Road”.  You can look it up on the internet.  Please pray for travelling mercies for all the teams as they leave.  Deysi was a tremendous success at the Bible Institute as she taught a class on the Ministry of Liberation.  The students did not want the class to end.  Deysi will return to visit us again in December with her family.  Deysi and her husband, Franz, are doing such a great job in the Bible Institute (CEC) which we opened in Rurrenabaque, Bolivia.

Steve Glenn also left this morning but he is heading south to Chili where he will visit friends and get some more experience with his Spanish.  He’ll be there for about a month before heading back to Joplin, Missouri.  He was such a big help to us personally at the mission house.  He painted, ran errands, helped with the team and did all kinds of odd jobs with a smile on his face and without a word of complaint.  What a wonderful young man who  loves the Lord.  We hope he visits again.

The Northside Community Church team from Eufaula, Alabama also left this morning.  This group of 7 accomplished as much as many teams twice their size.  They mostly helped in the orphanage which we are helping to build here.  They preached the Gospel, prayed for people, dug post holes, built wooden fences around flower beds, planted flowers, removed BIG rocks, hauled dirt, handed out tracks, visited orphanages, and feeding programs.  But most of all they shared the love of Jesus everywhere they went.  They were a huge encouragement to us personally at a time when we really needed it.

We can never adequately thank the individuals who give up so much to come so far away from home and their comfort zone, so we are praying that God will bless them in so many ways for their sacrifice.  Bless you team, Deysi and Steve!!!!

Our granddaughter, Rachel, remains with us.  She was a big help with the team also.  She pitched right in and worked along side of the team.

The following pictures don’t tell the whole story but they are examples of some of their work.






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