Friday, July 29, 2011

Peru Independence Day

Yesterday, July 28, we celebrated the independence of Peru. 

The conflict for independence from Spain began in 1809 and culminated on July 28, 1821 with the proclamation of independence by Jose de San Martin.  Fighting continued with troops led by San Martin and Simon Bolivar until 1825.  Although Peru was the first viceroyalty to fight for independence, it was the second to last to actually receive its independence due to continued support of a large portion of the population still loyal to the royalty.

Today Peru enjoys a democratic form of government which at times has been threatened by Communism and dictatorships.  Peru’s new president, Ollanta Humala, is promising to move the country to socialism.  He is allied with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Evo Morales of Bolivia, Cuba, North Korea and Iran.  He was installed in office yesterday. 

Peru’s constitution officially recognizes Catholicism as the State religion and the Catholic Church receives many benefits due to this relationship.  A large portion of tax money goes to the Catholic Church.  There is a growing number of Christians in Peru.  It is estimated that 10% now profess Christianity as their religion.   There is also a movement toward equality of religion in the country.  Although it is not officially admitted, there is a lot of religious oppression especially in the areas outside of the major towns.

Please pray for Peru!  This is a critical point in their history.  The new friendship with Iran and other radical countries could change Peru forever.  Please pray that the Gospel will spread like wildfire and that the Peruvians can maintain their freedoms.

God bless you for your heart for the nations and missions.

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