Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Missions Projects 2011-2012

Arequipa, Peru
Dr. Lew & Mariesa Davis
Sponsor a Bible College - $1,570. monthly (or any portion thereof)
clip_image002We have budgeted a total of $1,570. per month to run the Bible institute in Arequipa. We have 4 regular teachers plus visiting teachers and an administrator. Our biggest expense is rent. (Budget information is available upon request.)

Sponsor a Bible college student - $500. annually
The majority of students are unable to pay for college classes and we must come up with alternate means of funding their tuition. We use tuition work scholarships which helps some students but does not provide funding to run the college. Some students need extra help. If they are from a pueblo away from the city then they must also have funding for living in town. We expect to win the indigenous people most effectively by training them to be the evangelists, teachers, pastors, and missionaries.
College Library - $2,000. (or any portion thereof)
Students at El Centro de Entrenamiento Biblico Internacional need to have access to Bibles, books and study tools in their own language. This will help prepare them for taking the Gospel to the nation of Peru.
Buy a Bible Project - $10. per Bible
This cost includes the shipping (in country) as well as the Bible cost. In sclip_image002[4]ome cases the shipping costs can be greater than the cost of the Bible itself. Most new Christians have never owned a Bible. By the time a Christian comes to Bible college he generally has a New Testament but has never had a copy of the complete Bible. Every student needs a complete Bible. $10. provides a study Bible for students.
This project is also designed to make Christian material available for the community of Arequipa and the pueblos in which we minister. There is a lot of good material in Spanish but most people are too poor to afford to purchase even a Bible. About one third of the population speaks Quechua as their native language. Bibles are available in Quechua but rarely can these poor indigenous people afford to purchase one.
Buy a Cuy or Chicken Project - $15 per pair
Cuy is one of the major sources of protein for the indigenous Quechua. You can purchase a breeding pair for a family or the orphanage. Cuy (Guinea Pigs) breed rapidly and one pair is a tremendous blessing for anyone who receives them. Chickens also provide eggs as well as meat.
Feed a child project - $5. per child per week
The town of Arequipa has a population of 1 million inhabitants but around the city in poor pueblos are about 300,000 poor people living in clip_image002[6]terrible conditions with no electricity, no indoor bathrooms and no running water. We work with two excellent feeding programs. Children are fed and presented the Gospel in these poor pueblos. They receive fresh fruit, oatmeal and other nutritious items that they would never receive otherwise. For a small price we can provide meals for these children and insure that they don’t have to go hungry just because their parents are unable to provide for them.
Evangelism trips - $350. per trip
There are hundreds of indigenous villages in the mountains around Arequipaclip_image002[8]. Many of these pueblos have not had the opportunity to hear the Gospel message. They vary in distance from less than an hour away to 3 long days up into the mountains. Many pueblos can only be reached by walking for hours or riding donkeys. These are not easy trips and neither are they inexpensive. One must rent a vehicle (at $100 per day) and donkeys, hire a driver and guide, provide food and water for the team, and provide gifts for the leader of the village. But regardless of the expense, each soul won to the Lord makes it worth the arduous journey as well as any expense.
Sponsor a child in an orphanage - $75. per child monthly
clip_image002[10]We work with two Christian orphanages which need help providing for the children. The government does not provide funding for non-Catholic orphanages. In Peru every child must provide their own school supplies, textbooks, transportation and uniforms. This can cost hundreds of dollars so sponsorship helps make it possible for them to attend school as well as provide the necessities of daily life.
Help sponsor The Center in Bolivia - $500. per monthclip_image002[12]
The Center includes a Bible Institute, indigenous outreach programs, weekly youth and children ministries as well as daily after school programs. This project is now run by a Bolivian national couple, Deysi and Franz Caprilles, who are full-time missionaries and field associates with Missionary Ventures.
Mission Vehicle Project - $9,500. (approx.)
We need transportation. A van would be very helpful for both the college and to transport teams. Local van transportation costs $50 per day to rent and is often unreliable. A vehicle will increase our opportunities to minister especially in more remote areas. There are some areas in which we minister where taxis are unavailable at times especially in the evenings. Not having a vehicle limits our ability to minister in these remote areas.
Help build a Christian School - $100. (buys 15 bags of concrete)
clip_image002[14]Pastor Mitacc, one of the local ministers with whom we partner, is building an elementary school in one of the poorest areas of Arequipa but he needs your help His kindergarten has been a wonderful blessing to the community and he would like to expand the school to include all the elementary grades. This will make it possible for many children to receive a Christian education who normally would be unable to attend any school. Children who go through his kindergarten are at the top of their classes when they enter elementary school.
Help build a church for the Quechua - $5,000. (or any portion thereof)clip_image002[16]
This project located in Peruarbo is a ministry to the indigenous Quechua (descendants of the Inca). A national pastor/missionary runs a feeding center as well as a church and youth ministry in one of the poorest areas on the outskirts of Arequipa, Peru. They need property and a building in which to meet.
Sponsor a Pastor - $5 per month per pastor
This project makes it possible to continue pastor’s meetings in the city of Arequipa. About 100 pastors meet every month to pray, fellowship and learn. For the price of a Big Mac you can make it possible for a pastor or his wife to attend these meetings and get refreshed.

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