Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mariesa is in Florida

Sunday, Mariesa arrived in the U.S.  This was a quick decision that we felt was necessary.  We are at the very end of the process of having all of our legal papers finished for New Heart Ministries with the state of Florida.  This means we need to open a bank account in the ministry name.  It also means that Mariesa will be doing all the legal book work for the 501c3.  The laws have changed a lot in the 20 years since we first had our own 501c3.  She needed some training and she will be able to receive it while she is in Florida.
We already had a ticket to Florida and we were going to lose it if it was not used.  So the trip there was already paid for.  Someone has generously offered to pay for her trip back so you can see that God has provided for this business trip.  You can still reach Mariesa at her email address as usual.  (lewandmariesadavis@yahoo.com)
Mariesa plans on returning to Arequipa by May 12th.  She hopes to visit our children while she is in the U.S. also, so please keep her in your prayers especially this month as she travels in the U.S.
CEB, the Bible Institute, is going well.  The students are studying hard and finished the class on I and II Corinthians yesterday.  Thank you Pastor Charles Dean for teaching this class.  You did an awesome job and the students and I thank you for all your hard work.  Thursday we start the class of Epistles IV which includes I & II Peter, James and Jude.  The students seem to have a renewed enthusiasm after the evangelism trip to Camana last month.  Please keep them in prayer.
006-WROur second monthly pastor’s meeting went very well.  We had a group of around 30 pastors and a guest speaker. Pastor Jim Andrews from Lima spoke to the pastors and encouraged them to make disciples by using the analogy of planting seeds and then tending the plants so that they would produce fruit.  If you would like to sponsor a pastor for these monthly meetings the cost is $5 per pastor.  You have the opportunity to make a difference in not only a pastors life, but also the life of his congregation. You can contact us for more information on these meetings.
Bless you for your heart for missions,

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  1. I can't wait to see Mom! I soooo hope she has time to come see me! Nice blogspot, Dad!