Sunday, April 10, 2011

Prayer Request

Please pray for Peru today.  This is national elections day.  They are voting for presidental candidates today.  There are 12 candidates running for president.  In order to win, a candidate must achieve a certain percentage.  That means that there will probably be a runoff between the top two candidates after today's voting.  The top two, according to polls are Ollanta - a candidate funded and supported by Chavez of Venzuela and a christian from the PPK party, Kuchinski.  Some polls say that Ollanta may get a high enough percentage in the first round of voting.  This would totally change Peru.  The candidate supported by Chavez in Bolivia was Evo Morales.  After his election, Bolivia's constitution was officially changed and they are now a socialist country and their constitution prevents anyone from going from one area of the country to another for the purpose of evangelizing.
We want to keep Peru open to the Gospel, so we need your help in prayer.   Thank you!!!

We have also had the pleasure of hosting a MMI (Medical Ministry International) team last night.  There are 8 medical missionaries from Canada and the U.S. on this team. They left to work in the Colca Canyon for a week and then three of them will return to stay with us one more night.  If you are interested in joining a MMI team you can contact them online.  Please pray for this team as them minister to medical needs and spiritual needs in the Colca Canyon.

Bless you all,

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