Monday, May 23, 2011

Mariesa Returns

Please pray that Mariesa will be able to return to Peru soon.  I miss her terribly and need her here.  I am managing alone but I am lonely and miss my sweetheart.  Darrell and Donnia have been great company but it is just not the same without Mariesa here. 

We are keeping very busy.  Darrell and Donnia are studying Spanish very hard.  Don’t blame them for their mistakes because I am teaching them.  It’s almost like the blind leading the blind.  But we are making a lot of progress.

Things are about to get hectic around here.  Mariesa hopes to return on May 29 and bring our granddaughter, Rachel, with her.  On May 31 a group from northern Peru comes to stay in the house overnight.  Another group from Chili will arrive the same day and stay overnight also.  Deysi, Franz and Franzli arrive on the same day from Bolivia.  So you can see that it will be quite a challenge juggling these groups.  You may remember that Deysi and Franz run The Bible Training Center in Rurrenabaque, Bolivia for us.  They will stay for two weeks and teach a class here in the CEB institute.

On June 2 a group from the U.S. will arrive to do mission work for a week.  Then on June 16 a mission group from Cochabamba, Bolivia will arrive for a week of evangelism.

Prayer requests:

Please keep us in your prayers.

Please pray for all the groups who will be travelling here these two months.

Pray that money comes in to pay for the tickets for Mariesa’s return flight.

Pray for our granddaughter, Rachel, who will be adjusting to living in Peru.

Pray for the elections the first week of June in Peru.

Pray for the students in CEB; some are under attack from the enemy.

Thank you for all of your many prayers and your continued support.

You are such a blessing to us and the people of Peru.

In Christ’s Love,


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