Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Evangelism and Youth Marriage Seminar

WR-14Last week CEB (Centro de Entrenamiento Biblico) had a perfect opportunity to witness in the community.  In Peru the whole week before Resurrection Sunday is celebrated as Holy Week.  There were special events in the city plaza the whole week so there were big crowds of people every day during the week.  We decided to go to the plaza and hand out tracts and witness to people.  What a blessingWR-15 it was to pray with people and talk about Jesus as we handed out the tracts and talked about why the week was called the “Holy Week”.  It is great to see the students getting bolder in their evangelism.  Some of them are really getting a heart to share the Good News with others.  When Darrell and I were ready to leave, a group of students decided to stay for hours longer sharing the Gospel Message.

WR-16On Resurrection Sunday I preached two times at two different churches.  The morning message was about the seven words of Jesus after the resurrection.  The seven words spoken by Jesus on the cross were spoken for the whole world but the words spoken by Jesus after He resurrected from the grave were specifically for the believers.  The message was well received and people were saved and some rededicated their lives to the Lord.  The afternoon message was about the Risen Lord’s promise that He will return and how we can know that we are close to His return.  It was also a joy to pray with one person in the afternoon to receive Jesus as their Lord.WR-12

Last weekend Darrell and I preached and participated in a youth marriage seminar.  We both had the opportunity to speak and then the floor was open for questions in a panel format.  We received some tough questions but I believe the Holy Spirit gave us wisdom in what to respond in each case.  I experienced something new during this time.  We could not find a translator for Darrell so I translated my first sermon for Darrell.  It is a bit more challenging to translate a sermon than it is for regular conversation, but once again the Holy Spirit helped and everything seemed to go smoothly.  We were also invited to go to the north WR-10of Lima to speak at a new church that has been open for only 3 months.  Please be praying for this, because I believe it would be a big help in that area where there are so few believers.  If it is God’s will we will go but the trip is expensive so pray for abundant resources.  Sometimes we seem to be limited only by lack of funding, because there certainly are a lot of opportunities.

WR-11God is opening doors for the ministry here but this could all change after the next election which is scheduled for the middle of July.  The candidate that seems to be leading in the polls is Ollanta.  He is aligned with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, and with Cuba and Iran.  He openly desires to be dictator of all South America.  I personally believe he would be a detriment to freedom of religion and the country at this time.  Please pray that God will allow Peru to continue in freedom and the elections will be for the best of Peru and somehow bring glory to God’s name.

Please don’t forget to keep us in your prayers daily.  We need your prays as well as your financial support. 

May God’s blessing flow in your life,


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