Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bolivia Team

For the last 5 days we have hosted a team from Rhema Bible School in Cochabaamba, Bolivia.  Thank you Pastors David and Violeta Larsson for sending this team!  They have been a real pleasure.  It was great seeing some of our old friends from Cochabamba after more than 2 1/2 years away from Bolivia.  Please pray for the Bolivia team as they travel back to Bolivia.  They are visiting Cusco today and then head back to Bolivia soon.  They planned to travel by bus but have had to change their plans because of border closings due to protests and riots.  Buses are being overturned and burned at the border between Peru and Bolivia.  So the team will fly from Cusco to La Paz.  Their only other choice is to travel by bus to the south of Peru and cross the border in Chili and then travel up to La Paz.  That trip would be over 36 hours or riding.  We are already planning their trip next year.



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