Monday, June 20, 2011

Ministering with MMI and CEB

Yesterday we had a wonderful time ministering with the group from MMI (Medical Ministries International).  There were about 70 people in attendance.  We ate together and had a chapel service.  I spoke and I believe God touched some hearts.  Some of them will go back to the U.S. and their lives will not be the same.  Mariesa is also working in a clinic this week in a very poor area on the outside of town so please keep her in your prayers.  She not only has the opportunity to use her nursing skills but also has a captive audience to which she preaches.  She is seeing souls saved each day at the clinics.


Tonight we finish the class on Daniel at CEB (Centro de Entrenamiento Internacional). Please pray for the students as they take the exam.  We have some exciting things coming up at CEB.  Darrell will be teaching his first real class as soon as we can get his class translated and find someone to interpret as he teaches.  Deysi and Franz Caprilles will b e coming from Rurrenabaque, Bolivia to teach a class as a visiting professor.  Please pray for them.  Deysi and Franz’s trip has been delayed because of the continued blocks and riots along the Peru-Bolivia border.  They may have to travel down to Chili to get here but that adds about 6 extra hours to her trip and it costs a lot more.  If anyone wants to help them with the travel expenses, please let us know right away.  Pastor Ronnie Mask and Pastor Charles Dean will also be teaching classes soon.  They are local missionaries and great friends as well as teachers.

There are so many opportunities to share the gospel here.  Please pray for us as we continue the Lord’s work in Peru.


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