Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

What a beautiful Day!  We awoke this morning to a beautiful sight.  The mountains surrounding Arequipa were covered with snow.  It is our first snowfall of the year.  You may remember that this is our summer season.  Our seasons are opposite of those in the U.S.  The odd thing is that we receive our snow during the summer and not during the winter months.  The reason for this is that we only receive rain during the summer and because the mountains are about 18,000 feet high, the rain turns to snow in the high altitude.  We never receive snow in the city because we are only at 8,200 feet in altitude.  But we do get to enjoy the view.


Last night we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary.  Time sure flies when you’re having fun!  Our friends from Bolivia are here to help us celebrate this Christmas season and Deysi made a beautiful cake for “Papilew and Mamarisa”.



Mariesa got up early this morning to start the turkey cooking.  We’re having the children from the orphanage this evening.  It will be a long night because they don’t even arrive until 10:00 p.m.  The tradition here is to celebrate Christmas very late and eat the meal at midnight.  We’ll post pictures of the festivities later.  I’m looking forward to the smell of delicious turkey in the house later this morning.  I just can’t figure out why Mariesa didn’t want to cook the turkey head and feet along with the rest of the bird.


We are wishing every one of you a wonderful Christmas this year and we’re praying that God will bless you beyond your wildest dreams.  We are soooooo blessed this year and you are a part of our blessings.  This year we will also be blessed with another grandchild.  Our daughter, Alesia is expecting our 9th grandchild in July.  Please keep her in your prayers and pray for us, please.

May joy, love and peace fill your hearts this year!


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