Friday, December 16, 2011

Wrapping Gifts

We have had such a great time buying presents and wrapping them the last few days.  This year we will have all the children from the orphanage for Christmas and we are also having the students of CEB (the Bible Institute).  We have spent a whole day wrapping the presents so we now feel like expert present wrappers.  Freddy helped us wrap the presents both days.

The students will come for a party and dinner so we will cook a turkey and a ham for them.  The children from the orphanage will eat dinner and breakfast the next morning.  They will sleep here overnight.  new plan on preparing a turkey for them also.  Mariesa and I are probably more excited than the kids.



Thank you everyone who helped make this possible.  You can’t imagine how wonderful a Christmas this will be for some children who would have had nothing without your help.  We’ll post pictures after the dinner party with the students and the Christmas party with the orphans for your enjoyment also.

May the JOY of Christmas fill your hearts this year.


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