Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Need

Today I had a visit from a pastor.  Pastor Jesus, a lady pastor, came to ask for money.  Her church owns a piece of property in Camana, on the coast of Peru.  We have visited and taught in Camana 4 times.  Her church has no building on the property.  At this time they are meeting in various houses.  In Peru, owning land does not necessarily ensure that you can keep the property.  Only if you improve the land and put up some kind of building are you allowed to keep the land.  If nothing is built after a few years, the land association will take the land and sell it to someone else.  So Pastor Jesus needs to put up some kind of structure.  She wants to put up a prefabricated building.  It costs about $1,000. U.S.  I have at least 6 requests every year for something similar (but usually the request is for more).  This is a good work and one that is worth investing in but we simply can not help everyone who comes to us.  I told the pastor that I would present the request to friends in the U.S. so that is why I am writing.  If God moves on your heart to help this church, contact me.  Do not help only because there is a need, but do help if God speaks directly to you about this.  I prayed with Pastor Jesus and told her that I would also ask our friends in the U.S. to pray also.


This is the property which the church owns.  It doesn’t look like much but it is in an area into which many people have moved recently and many of them have never heard the Gospel message.

May God bless you,


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