Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Yesterday we worked in the new orphanage.  We haven’t seen it in 3 months and were pleasantly surprised by the construction progress.  This orphanage is being built piece by piece on donations.  It is being paid for as it is being built and totally depends on donations.  Yesterday, we put together some donated shelves.  That was quite a challenge as the parts did not all match but they will be a blessing anyway.  We worked with Gordon and Susan Rehyer from Vienna, Georgia.  They have been here staying in the other orphanage and helping for over a week.  They have been to Arequipa many times and have a great commitment to the children in need here.



The orphanage being constructed is located in Characato which is on the outside of Arequipa in a more rural area.  Actually, the original settlers from Spain settled in Characato to begin the city of Arequipa over 490 years ago.  We are still needing two ladies to run the orphanage.  Please be praying that the right people will answer God’s call to this ministry.  Also, please pray for the funding to support this work monthly.

May God bless you,


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