Tuesday, January 10, 2012

An Opportunity to Become Involved

I want to tell you about a wonderful opportunity to become involved in missions. The last three years that we have been in Peru have presented us with many wonderful opportunities to help national pastors and missionaries with the call God has given them in presenting the Gospel and winning souls for the Lord. Giuliani Anchante is one national missionary we have helped. Many of you have visited her feeding center and church while you were here in Arequipa. God has called Guilana from Lima to work in Arequipa. She came to work in the poor area of Peruarbo. There she runs a feeding center and a church. She has no building, but her outreach is mainly to youth and through the youth she is seeing whole families saved. They are meeting under the hot desert sun at this time, because they have no building. But even though conditions are hard, she continues the work of the Lord faithfully. She depends totally on faith, because she has no church sponsorship from the U.S. nor is her home church in Lima able to support her work.

We are trying to help Guilana put up a roof. It will be a very simple structure with no walls. She’ll use rough tree poles and aluminum only. Of course they would like a real building but they will be blessed at this point just to have something to shade them from the sun. This project can be accomplished for less than $200 and can make a tremendous difference. When you’re sitting in your comfortable chair at church next Sunday, please pray for this church where the members sit on rocks in the open sun and if God speaks to your heart to help finance this project, please contact us at lewandmariesadavis@yahoo.com or call us at 727-216-9617.

This church is one of the few churches in Peru that I know which has a missions vision. They have gone on various mission trips at great personal sacrifice. They do not go to the easy, comfortable areas but they go high in the mountains. They are planning a trip to the mountain area near Bolivia close to Puno. This is a step of faith for them. Most of the members have no job or at the most earn very little. Many children work in the mines and earn less than $3.00 per day. If you feel led to help with this trip, please let us know. As always, we only ask you to give if God speaks to you. You are so faithful to God and our ministry here in Peru and we thank you. We are praying that God is blessing you in every area of your life.

The following pictures are from Guiliana’s work in Peruarbo.


May God bless you for your heart for the lost,


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