Friday, January 27, 2012

Prayer Request for the Quispe Family

Please pray for the family of Rogilio and Ings Quispe.  This family attends the church of Pastor Guiliana Anchante.  Some of you may remember Guiliana who runs a feeding center and church in Peruarbo.  She has specifically requested prayer for the family, the church and herself.

The Quispe family are the four in front in this picture.  The father Rogilio is not in this photo although he also attends the church in Peruarbo.


This family has suffered a tragic loss.  On Wednesday, the Quispe family was in a taxi going to town and a bus hit the taxi.  Their 3 year old son was killed immediately.  Their 4 year old daughter is in the hospital on life support and the doctors give no hope to the family.  Their third child is a baby less than a year old who seems to be okay.  The father and mother were both hurt but they will survive.  The daughter’s name is Sayuri.  Please bring her before God’s throne of Grace and mercy and pray for a miracle.

This family is very poor but they have been so loyal to their church.  Their son was buried yesterday and they are hurting so much.  The father is very angry and the mother can’t stop crying.  There seems to be no justice because the man who hit them was brought before a judge and immediately let go even though he was clearly negligent.

This mother and father are fairly new Christians so please pray that they will cling to God and their faith in this difficult time.

If God moves on your heart to help this family financially, I am sure it would be appreciated.  They will have tremendous hospital bills and they could not even afford the funeral yesterday.  Please call us at 727-216-9617 or send an email to for information on donating specifically for this family.

Thank you so much for your prayers,


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