Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekend Ministry in Camana

Last weekend Cathy Bentley, Sarai, Darrell, Donna and I went to minister in Camana.  We took with us two local pastors – Dionicio Mitacc and Jose Ingalls and a CEB student – Josua Arhuiri.  Camana is about 3 hours from Arequipa across the mountains and through the valleys .  It is situated on the Pacific Ocean.  This is my third trip to Camana.  On the last trip Darrel and I took a group of CEB students to do door to door evangelism outreach.  What a wonderful time of ministry we experienced then as well as this past weekend.

Meetings were held in an Assembly of God church and all the pastors in the area were invited to bring their congregations.  We also handed out tracts in the market area in the afternoon and on Saturday night we had about 250-300 in attendance.  God really moved through Cathy’s teaching and the altar was full with about 150 people who came forward to be saved or filled with the Holy Spirit.  What a joy it was as the Holy Spirit changed lives!

On Sunday morning we had two teaching sessions with Communion between the sessions.  In the evening I taught a lesson and Cathy followed with more teaching.  At the altar call, once again the altar was full with over 75 people crying out to the Lord.

The local pastors have begged us to return.  They are eager for more teaching.  They need to know more about the Holy Spirit and End Times.  One pastor wants us to help with a Bible School but the distance prevents us from being there on a regular basis.  We just need more workers in the fields which are ripe for the Harvest.  We do plan to return periodically and teach in Camana.  Please keep this city in your prayers.







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