Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day of Thanksgiving

Yesterday we attended the first nation-wide Day of Thanksgiving for Peru.  It was a special “by invitation only” event hosted by the Christian community of Arequipa.  This event was scheduled to coincide with the installation of the new president of Peru.  The main purpose was to pray for the nation of Peru, the city of Arequipa and the president and all government leaders.  It was wonderful seeing about 900 Christians together praying for their nation and its leaders.  Many local leaders attended the meeting and more than one made a first time commitment to the Lord.  The new president was invited to attend but sent a representative in his place.


Please pray that the president will get saved.  He is not a Christian and we are praying for his salvation.  His first act as president was to change the sentence of his brother.  His brother is a military officer who was convicted of brutally murdering national police officers.  He was to serve 25 years but now he can be released in 2 years.  Ollanta is already pushing to change the constitution as Evo Morales and Hugo Chavez did in Bolivia and Venezuela.  As you may know both are officially socialists nations by constitutional law. 

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