Sunday, August 14, 2011

Winter Haven Youth

We are now hosting the Winter Haven Youth Team from Winter Haven, Florida.  They are making an impact on the city of Arequipa.  They hit the ground running and were out ministering less than three hours after arriving.  They witnessed in a large Plaza and performed dramas as well as handed out tracts.  But the most exciting thing in the plaza was the souls saved as they prayed with individuals.

Yesterday they ministered in an orphanage and two different schools.  Today they are visiting a feeding center in a poor area to perform and spread the love of God by handing out tracts and visiting houses in the area.  Tomorrow they will really do a lot of manual labor at the new orphanage we are helping to build.

In between all these activities they have also attended classes at the Bible Institute where Cathy Bentley is teaching.

I can not tell you how much they have done and how wonderful they have been so far.  They are a credit to their parents and the church.  They are a strong witness for the Lord.  Thank you everyone who made it possible for this team to come!

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