Monday, August 15, 2011

That’s what I call ministry!

What an amazing day of ministry the Winter Haven Worship Center Youth Team had yesterday!  They ministered in three different locations around town.  In the morning they went to Selva Alegra to hand out tracts door to door before the church service and then attended Calvary Temple Church.  They did an amazing performance, as usual, that touched the hearts of everyone there.  Brother Tim preached Amarilly interpreted.  Hearts were touched and lives were saved.  Wow!  Brother Tim really knows how to touch the heart of God and receive the perfect message for the people.



In the afternoon the team went to an area called Miraflores.  There they worked with another church.  Actually there were three different pastors involved in this event.  They performed in a sport’s arena and witnessed to people on the street.  Their performance touched many hearts.  Brother Danny’s personal testimony was just what many needed to hear.  He gave them hope that they too can change.  So many wanted to talk with him personally after the program.  Of course, praying with people to receive Christ was a highlight for the team.





In the evening the team attended a Quechua church in Cono Norte.  This is a very poor area and all the people in this area are descended from the Incas.  The church music and dance has a definite Quechua flavor.  The team once again delivered a dynamic program that brought tears to many eyes and made a great impact on the people.  Brother Tim was on fire as he delivered his message and the altar was full after the service.



You can’t imagine what a difference a team can make.  Lives are being changed for eternity!!!  We are so appreciative when we have a team like this.  What a heart for missions the youth have on this team!  God has done so much through them.  They are well prepared and they are serious about winning souls.

And they are not through yet!!!!!!

Thanks Winter Haven Worship Center!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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