Monday, August 15, 2011

WHWC Team Update

What an amazing day!  The team went to Characato this morning to work at the new orphanage we are helping to build.  They were scheduled to work all morning and afternoon but because they worked so hard without stopping, they were finished by early afternoon and we returned to the mission house for showers and some well deserved rest finally.  They really have been going non-stop while they have been here so they needed the rest.  They painted, cleaned, and worked on garden fences.  They hauled a whole truck load of dirt and filled in the courtyard of the orphanage.  What a difference they made in the place.





Don’t you wish you could get them to work like this at home?

Although I have seen some amazing work from these kids this week, I saw the most incredible work on and in them tonight.  God showed up as they praised and worshiped for hours.  They have changed lives here and God is rewarding them by changing them also.  Get ready parents, some of your children are coming back different. They are the new improved version!!!

God bless you.

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